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Sixx:A.M. - HITS - CD

Sixx:A.M. - HITS - CD

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While Mötley Crüe legend and Sixx:A.M. mastermind Nikki Sixx takes a view in the rear mirror in his new book 'The First 21' (published in October 2021) 'HITS' sums up the career to date of Sixx:A.M. in a remarkable manner. It contains all the band's hits plus three new and unreleased tracks including the forthcoming single, also entitled 'The First 21'.


1. Life Is Beautiful
2. This Is Gonna Hurt
3. Lies Of The Beautiful People
4. Pray For Me
5. Rise
6. Stars
7. Maybe It’s Time
8. Skin
9. Belly Of The Beast
10. Are You With Me Now
11. Girl With Golden Eyes
12. Accidents Can Happen
13. Gotta Get It Right
14. We Will Not Go Quietly
15. The First 21
16. Talk To Me (Radio Mix)
17. Penetrate
18. Waiting All My Life
19. Skin (Rock Mix)
20. Life Is Beautiful (Piano Vocal)

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