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From Ashes to New - The Future - LP

From Ashes to New - The Future - LP

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Hailing from Pennsylvania, USA, From Ashes To New, front man/rapper/programmer Matt Brandyberry, guitarist Lance Dowdle, vocalist Danny Case, and drummer Mat Madiro (Trivium), are set to release sophomore album, The Future on 4/20. Their debut album Day One saw the band break into the Top 10 at Rock Radio with the track “Through It All” and continued to build momentum with streaming hits “Breaking Now” and “Lost and Alone.” Following the success of Day One, the group’s drummer and co-vocalist decided to step away. Instead of focusing on setbacks, Brandyberry focused on a path forward. He began working on the new album with drummer Mat Madiro (Trivium) and guitarist Lance Dowdle—but finding a vocalist who could complement Brandyberry’s rapping was a complex process – it had to be the right fit! - so the group decided to begin writing The Future as a trio. Once this collection of songs started coming together the group started auditioning vocalists and Brandyberry kept coming back to Danny Case, because of his dynamic vocal range along with his drive and work ethic. The band’s chemistry is better than ever and they can’t wait to hit the road and perform the new songs.


1. Wake Up
2. Crazy
3. My Name
4. Gone Forever
5. Broken
6. Forgotten
7. Enemy
8. Nowhere to Run
9. Let Go
10. On My Own
11. The Future

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