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From Ashes to New - Panic - CD

From Ashes to New - Panic - CD

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In 2019, From Ashes To New attracted attention with a feature on the The Hu single, 'Yuve Yuve Yu'. They now release their third album, 'Panic'. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and fronted by Matt Brandyberry, the band have already made a name for themselves via two previous albums, 'Day One' (2016) and 'The Future' (2018), plus major tours with the likes of Hollywood Undead. Their 2018 single 'Crazy' (from 'The Future') made it to number 3 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock song chart.


1. Scars That I’m Hiding
2. Brick
3. What I Get
4. Blind
5. SideFX
6. Panic
7. Wait For Me
8. Bulletproof
9. Nothing
10. Death Of Me
11. Change My Past

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