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Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None - CASSETTE

Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None - CASSETTE

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It’s unheard of today. A hard rock band sticks to its guns in face of a fickle mainstream market, refuses to compromise its principals for anybody, amasses millions of fans by doing so, and quietly ascends to multiplatinum chart-topping success in every corner of the globe. It’s a similar storyline shared by everyone from Black Sabbath and Judas Priest to Metallica and Iron Maiden. However, the canned modern millennial responseto such a narrativeis, “It’s impossible now,” “Kids don’t listen to that”—or the evergreen favorite, “Rock is dead”. Try telling that to Five Finger Death Punch...Raising the preferred middle digit, the quintet —Ivan Moody [vocals], Zoltan Bathory [guitar], Jeremy Spencer [drums], Jason Hook [guitar], and Chris Kael [bass] —fuel the beating bloody heart of 21st centuryhard rock. Arriving with a bang in 2007, they’ve unleashed a total of three RIAA platinumcertified albums, three gold albums, a platinum single, and generated 2 billion global streams to date(in this century). As they became “one of the most-streamed rock acts in the world”.


1. Fake
2. Top Of The World
3. Sham Pain
4. Blue On Black
5. Fire In The Hole
6. I Refuse
7. It Doesn’t Matter
8. When The Seasons Change
9. Stuck In My Ways
10. Rock Bottom
11. Gone Away
12. Bloody
13. Will The Sun Ever Rise

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