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Fire From The Gods - Soul Revolution - LP

Fire From The Gods - Soul Revolution - LP

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Soul Revolution, the newest album from Austin-based rockers Fire From the Gods, was produced, engineered, and mixed by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless In White, Panic! At The Disco). The CD, cassette and multi-variant vinyl release masterfully blends feelings of inspiration and aggression with the feeling of soul searching. For some artists making music isn't a choice, it's fueled by something larger than themselves. This is undoubtedly true of Fire From The Gods whose brand mantra sees them adopting the tagline “In Us We Trust” meaning “we the people” are responsible for change; a unifying statement in order to try to prevent society from succumbing to the growing malaise brought on by soul-sucking technology, divisive politics and environmental destruction.


1. Soul Revolution
2. SOS
3. I N I
4. Thousand Lifetimes
5. Double Edged Sword
6. Love Is Dangerous

1. World So Cold
2. Be Free
3. The Message
4. 8 Billion Rats
5. Rapture (Fool Dem)
6. Collapse

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