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Escape The Fate - I Am Human - LP

Escape The Fate - I Am Human - LP

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Human stories resound the loudest and the longest.
People will always undoubtedly bond over shared experiences of love, loss, and life. On their sixth full-length album I Am Human [Better Noise Records], Escape The Fate transmit a raw, real, and relatable narrative through airtight songcraft, lyrical honesty, and stadium-worthy delivery. The quartet—Craig Mabbitt [lead vocals], Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft [lead guitar, bass], Thomas “TJ” Bell [rhythm guitar], and Robert Ortiz [drums]—didn’t hold back and cut right to the core on the 13 anthems comprising the record.
“We all go through crazy emotional points in our lives, and we’re all human at the end of the day,” says Thrasher. “These songs reflect a lot of those points—whether they be during relationships, personal interactions, on tour, or the general ups and downs of the music industry. No matter what your profession or background is, I think you can relate to something on here. Each track is like the chapter of a novel, going through life circumstances and processes we’ve all been through. Everything comes from our lives.”


1. Beautifully Tragic
2. Broken Heart
3. Four Letter Word
4. I Will Make It up to You
5. Bleed for Me
6. Do You Love Me
7. I Am Human
8. If Only
9. Empire
10. Recipe for Disaster
11. Riot
12. Digging My Own Grave
13. Resistance
14. Let Me Be

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