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Dirty Heads - Midnight Control - LP

Dirty Heads - Midnight Control - LP

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After digital release in August of 2022, fans will finally be able to get their hands on "Midnight Control" on vinyl. This single disc includes the 10 tracks from the digital album PLUS the new single "Rescue Me" (released 2/24/23), not included on the digital album. "Midnight Control" spawned the top 5 Alternative Radio hit "Life's Been Good", which has garnered over 18 million streams so far. Dirty Heads will be touring the US again this summer and will make a special stop in July to perform live on the Today Show.


Side A
1. Island Glow
2. Rescue Me
3. Heavy Water (feat. Common Kings)
4. Life’s Been Good
5. Make Me

Side B
6. Midnight Control
7. Little Things
8. Indigo
9. El Dorado
10. Shade
11. Live Your Life

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