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Bad Wolves - Dear Monsters - CD

Bad Wolves - Dear Monsters - CD

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Expectations never mattered to Bad Wolves. Instead, the Los Angeles based band fused unpredictable metallic intensity and impressive instrumental proficiency to arena-ready hooks, transforming from underdogs into elite platinum-certified hard rock contenders without compromise or apology. Welcoming their new lead singer Daniel 'DL‘ Laskiewicz - previously of The Acacia Strain - Bad Wolves are ushering in a new chapter with their third full-length offering, 'Dear Monsters'.


1. Sacred Kiss
2. Never Be The Same
3. Lifeline
4. Wildfire
5. Comatose
6. Gone
7. On The Case
8. If Tomorrow Never Comes
9. Springfield Summer
10. House Of Cards
11. Classical
12. In The Middle

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