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All Good Things - A Hope In Hell - CD

All Good Things - A Hope In Hell - CD

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All Good Things create cinematic epic rock that celebrates the underdog, lifts the fallen, and all out gloats in victory. Pairing post-apocalyptic pump-up rock with powerful lyrics, AGT crafts a massive, bombastic sensory assault of anthemic heavy rock, summoning vistas associated with gaming or blockbuster movies. Their worldwide 'For The Glory' hit has accumulated more than 50 million streams, now their full length debut album 'A Hope In Hell' is set for release on August 20th.


1. Kingdom
2. Hold On
3. For The Glory (feat. Johnny 3 Tears and Charlie Scene of Hollywood Undead)
4. Sirens
5. Do It Now (feat. Hyro The Hero)
6. Push Me Down
7. Machines
8. Undefeated
9. Lights Out
10. The Comeback (feat. Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate)
11. Four Letter Words
12. End Of The World
13. A Hope In Hell

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